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Transactions in VEDA network

The VEDA envelope is used to transmit information in encrypted form. The information, transmitted and stored by users, is located only on the senders’ and recipients’ devices, while the distributed registry stores only references to the transactions made. None of the participants in the network can change the existing data on transactions.

Only the devices of the interlocutors will store the sent information.

In addition to encrypting the message, the VEDA envelope will not contain any of the personal information about the recipient and the sender of the message, such as IP-adress, the phone number or email address.

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VEDA Email Client

VEDA email client is another communication tool, based on VEDA technologies. The email client will use the VEDA node network and the envelope to transmit messages over encrypted communication channels. VEDA messenger will allow you to transfer not only text messages, but also files, in a protected form, which is a significant difference from competitors' products, in addition to a high degree of correspondence protection.

VEDA messenger

The messenger will be a decentralized application, without centralized data storage nor in the cloud or neither on the server. It will operate on the p2p principle. Your privacy is saved.

The release of the messenger is scheduled for August 2019
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We create a unique ecosystem for business communication, and doing business.

To do this, we have introduced convenient functionality in the form of anonymous and secure money transfers within the messenger.

Receiving and sending
payments in the messenger VEDA

Complete anonymity
and security of remittances

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